is an interactive VR experience created in Horizon Worlds by artist Brent Watanabe, who was commissioned by Meta / Facebook's Open Arts program as their first VR artist-in-residence

MINE is a semi-narrative interactive experience in VR, presented in eight episodes on Meta / Facebook's social VR platform Horizon Worlds. Visitors travel through a variety of worlds, exploring human consumption and waste, our relationship with animals and the environment, and our obsession with gaming, guns, violence, and surveillance.


Entering the first episode of MINE, you will immediately note a drastic change in atmosphere, leaving behind the cheerful and utopian Facebook experience.


You find yourself standing in the middle of a desolate highway at night, with growling vehicles bearing down on you, a tunnel beckoning in the distance


Your perception of scale shifts from human to mouse-size, a kaleidoscopic funhouse of eat and be eaten. You take an Alice in Wonderland-like tumble down an old woman's esophagus, leading to a surreal conveyor belt stabbing, steaming, chopping, and eventually boxing you for delivery.


From there you can move, at your own pace, through eight other episodes. Each episode is its own unique experience, but thematically linked, with recurring characters and motifs, such as consumer culture, rampant waste, and our predatory relationship with animals and the environment.


Visit a shooting gallery, where you kill, consume, and collect tickets to enter the “FUN ROOM”.


Later, like a prophet, lead a parade of animals to a mile high tower of convenience stores, where you sacrifice them to the monument, then sacrifice yourself.


Experience a soul-crushing week of waking, commuting, working, and sleeping, all monitored by CCTV and narrated by a faceless Alexa device.


Explore a graveyard / supermarket hybrid, with product names on grave stones. A shrine to consumer culture? Do our products define us, even in death? An amusement park push cart provides offerings to place on graves, in memory and reverence of the departed.


Wander a labryinth business complex of hallways and lobbies, with invasive questions asked over the PA system, demanding answers through YES/NO buttons to continue, culminating in a surreal bed ride.


And finally, walk an ethereal corridor and revisit your most cherished memories, before sealing them in boxes. Entomb yourself into the final vignette, and hold the old woman’s hand until she passes.

Meet up for fun challenges, dive into new experiences, and play together across all of Horizon's worlds.

MINE is an existential crisis built atop Meta Horizon World's utopian social VR metaverse


Step 0: Software and hardware requirements

MINE can be experienced on any Oculus Quest 2 or Oculus Rift headset, using the free Meta Horizon Worlds app.

Step 1: Install Horizon Worlds

Search for "Horizon Worlds" in the Oculus app store while in VR, or visit the official Meta Horizon Worlds website for more information.

Step 2: Find and launch MINE

  1. Launch the Horizon Worlds app in your VR headset
  2. After Horizon Worlds loads, below the main menu, on the row of icons, find and click the world icon (looks like a map marker)
  3. Click the magnifying / search icon in the upper right corner of the Worlds window
  4. On the keyboard that appears, type "mine"
  5. In the results (you may need to scroll), look for "MINE - episode 1" to start first episode, or "MINE - episode 0" for access to all episodes
  6. On rollover of the tile, you can choose to click and "Visit World", which will launch the episode
  7. -or-

  8. If you want a private session (where no one can join you unless invited):
    1. Rolling over the "MINE - episode 1" tile, click the "info" button that appears in the lower right of the tile
    2. Click the "..." button in the upper right
    3. In pop up menu, choose the bottom button "Launch a Closed Session"

Step 3: Notes about MINE

  1. MINE was created to be a single player experience. It can be played by groups, but you may experience bugs or unexpected behavior, especially in Episode 2
  2. MINE is best experienced using the Slide movement style. This can be turned on by going into settings > movement > and in the drop down selecting Slide. By default, movement style is set to Teleport. If using Teleport, there will be occasions that you will need to physically move to hop off an edge (Episode 1), make tiny hops down a tilted hallway (Episode 3), etc..

More information

MINE was made possible through the support of Meta Open Arts (previously the Facebook Artist-In-Residence program)
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